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6 easy ways to avoid the BBQ bloat over the Bank Holiday Weekend

6 easy ways to avoid the BBQ bloat over the Bank Holiday Weekend
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The summer is officially here and the BBQ season is in full swing! But how do you avoid that all too common bloating feeling when you’ve overindulged on all the tasty mains, sides, desserts and drinks? After all, it’s easy to get carried away when you’re outside in the beautiful weather enjoying time with family and friends.

Here, we serve up our best top tips to help you avoid that BBQ bloat.

1. Pick the right things

We all know that the most common things to eat at BBQs are meaty beef burgers and pork sausages in white bread buns topped with cheese, fried onions and sauces. But all those saturated fats and calories are never going to be kind to our tummies. Instead, try switching to turkey burgers, veggies burgers, or even a salmon burger for a leaner, lighter choice.

But meat feasts aren’t the only foods that get us at BBQs - just think of all the snacks, like the endless crisps bowls that we graze on all day. Try swapping these for healthy alternatives, like veggie crisps (our favourites are kale and sweet potato) and homemade dip.

2. Make veggies your first port of call

Veggies are a great first course - not only are they packed with all-important nutrients, but they also help fill you up so you’re less likely to overindulge on the unhealthy mains. Salads, BBQ’d corn on the cob and veg-loaded kebabs are our go-to options.

A plate with grilled vegetables.

3. BYO - or bring your own

The great thing about BBQs is that nobody minds if you bring your own food. So, if you’ve been invited to a BBQ, but aren’t sure you’ll find much variation on the traditional burger in a bun, then feel free to take something that you can enjoy. Why not whip up a leafy green salad, some roasted veggie couscous and some delicious homemade hummus (the beetroot kind will pack a colourful punch on the table). And to top it off, your host will probably love the contribution!

A bowl with beetroot hummus.

4. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is always important, but even more so if you’re lucky enough to have your BBQ on a lovely warm day. We recommend keeping a glass of water to hand throughout the day. Not only will it remind you to take regular drinks, but it will make you feel fuller so you don’t eat quite so much. And did you know that when you feel hungry, it can often be a sign that you’re dehydrated? So having regular drinks will also help reduce the over-indulgence!

If you’re not a fan of plain water, why not try adding in slices of fresh fruit or some sugar-free cordial. And a colourful straw is sure to brighten up any glass of water.

Watermelon and cranberry cooler standing on a wooden table.

5. Sit down

Sitting down whilst you eat will help you to be more aware of what you’re eating and encourage you to eat more slowly. It’ll also mean you have to put more effort into getting up to refill your plate, which might make you rethink going back for seconds or even thirds!

6. Get moving

Finally, once you’ve enjoyed all that lovely food then it’s time to get moving. And we don’t mean a strenuous workout, but rather a game of frisbee or throwing a ball. This will not only help digestion but will reduce those feelings of post BBQ bloat.

A family of four playing with a ball in their back garden. The dog is running around.

We all love a good BBQ and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your next one with a few smart food and drink choices.


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