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5 stars

These capsules were ...​

These capsules were very easy to swallow and I always remembered to take them . I personally found them to be a bit chalky tasting in the beginning (clearly the Calcium present in the capsules is the reason) but after 4 days it was expected and I began to not notice the taste. I found I felt the benefits fairly quickly as I had more energy than previous to taking these capsules , and my guts admittedly DID feel better. There were no negative side effects whilst taking these capsules, well I certainly did not experience any negative effects. Overall these capsules were enjoyable for me as they clearly did both of their Dual Action - reducing fatigue and supporting my gut health. I'd highly recommend these if you're struggling with gut problems or lacking energy.​

06/07/2022 by Bingham​

5 stars

I found this product...

I found this product alongside my FODMAP diet helped to control and ease my symptoms which are bloating, wind some days feeling sick with low energy. The product helped me maintain good gut health as it contains billions of good bacteria strains and daily vitamin B6 to help lift you out of fatigue. I also really like that it contains calcium for me personally as i’m lactose intolerant so its a great way to keep my bones and teeth healthy with this boost i don’t get as i can’t have milk in my diet. I’d highly recommend its use before going away on holiday as a product to protect yourself from change in diet and as preventative to stop a tummy bug.

02/07/2022 by Barrett​​

5 stars

Alflorex dual action...

Alflorex dual action- great! It has increased my quality of life- I feel lighter, my stomach is less bloated and I don’t get tired after I eat anymore. I didn’t think a supplement could make such a great difference!

06/07/2022 by Stancheva​​

5 stars

Excellent product​

Excellent product, you have now found a new customer, I feel completely less bloated than I have done for a very long time.​

01/07/2022 by May​​​

5 stars


Have suffered with gut problems for years and I cannot believe the results with these! Wish I knew about them soo much sooner! 10/10 recommend​

24/10/2022 by Clare

Alflorex® Dual Action Key Features

  • DIGESTION SUPPORT - contains calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes​
  • HELPS REDUCES FATIGUE - contains Pantothenic acid, vitamin B6: contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue​
  • SUPPORTS MENTAL PERFORMANCE - contains Pantothenic acid, vitamin B6:contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue​
  • SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED BACTERIAL CULTURES - two unique Bifidobacterium longum bacterial cultures -35624® and 1714®
  • SUITABLE FOR: Vegans​
  • FREE FROM: Gluten, soya, diary, lactose, GMO​
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