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Zenflore® probiotic supports your mind and body through life’s daily challenges. Containing the unique, friendly bacterial strain Bifidobacterium longum1714® and a blend of vitamin B12 and B6, Zenflore aims to reduce stress related tiredness and fatigue as well as supporting mental performance.

Proven to reach the gut in peak condition, Zenflore® is easy to take as part of a healthy diet, no refrigeration required and suitable for those who are gluten, dairy, lactose, and soya free as well as being suitable for vegans.

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What is Zenflore® for?

Zenflore®, with the natural 1714-Serenitas® culture and specially selected vitamins, has been formulated to provide a solution to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Learn more about the gut and the brain and how they are connected in our blog.

How often should you take Zenflore®?

The recommended daily dosage of Zenflore® is 1 capsule per day. A single Zenflore® capsule contains around 1 billion bacteria (or 1x10^9 colony forming units). The number of bacteria in each capsule has been scientifically studied and chosen for optimal effectiveness.

How quickly will Zenflore® work?

Zenflore® begins working immediately. The specially selected 1714® strain in Zenflore® should reach your gut in peak condition within a few hours of taking Zenflore®. During the first two weeks, Zenflore® will begin to gently prime the gut where it is needed. When taken every day, you can expect to feel the full effects of Zenflore® within four to eight weeks.

Is Zenflore® Vegan?

Yes, the raw ingredients in Zenflore® Dual Action are suitable for vegans!

Does Zenflore® contain any allergens?

There are no known allergens in Zenflore®, so it is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose-Free and Soya Free as well as vegan.

Does Zenflore® need to be refrigerated?

Zenflore® does not need to be refrigerated. It has been carefully formulated to be stable at room temperature with special packaging for the capsules, meaning that they can travel with you and still keep their qualities.

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