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Precision Biotics Supplements boosting immune system.
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Immune @ PrecisionBiotics

With the kids back at school and many of us returning to the office in person, keeping our immune systems in top shape is a huge priority. When schools or workplaces require us to be in group settings, its goes without saying that bugs and viruses proliferate due to the large volumes of people in […]

Four young people on a run.
Health and Wellbeing

The importance of forming good habits

Living a happy and healthy life is about knowing who you want to be and taking small steps to develop new habits to get you there. The journey to creating new, healthy habits can be bumpy as there will be times you forget or simply can’t be bothered, but here are 5 reasons why it’s […]

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Alflorex New Beginnings

10 simple tricks to make a new habit stick

Starting a new habit is the easy part – sticking to it once the initial excitement has worn off is the hard part, which is usually after a few days (remember those New Year’s resolutions that don’t make it to the end of January?). When making lifestyle changes to improve your gut health, it can […]

A man protecting himself and his immune system from harmful bacteria.
Health and Wellbeing

Can you really boost your Immune System?

Can I really ‘boost’ my immune system? Your immune system is made up of a number of different cells, organs and proteins. All of these work together, to help protect your body from bacteria, fungi and toxins and this helps to stop you from getting ill, from viruses or infections. If you feel like you […]