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5 stars

I’ve been suffering for almost 5 years with cramps and bouts of diarrhoea and constipation – often with-in a day of each other. I never knew what was coming next...It really affected what I could eat and even if I could face a meal...Since taking Alflorex®, my symptoms have cleared up and I feel I’ve got control again over my bowel. I’m eating whatever I like and I’m getting through stressful events without flare ups. It’s the one thing I make sure I have every day. Thanks.

Jen 22, Munster

5 stars

University and work life = STRESS. I would suffer from cramping, abdominal pains and constipation, which is not a great feeling. I tried to change my diet by not eating bread and rice but this became increasingly hard to carry on. I love my food too much so it was hard to substitute some foods. But, since taking Alflorex®, I’ve noticed that these little tablets have really worked for me and I’ve seen a real difference in my wellbeing and I’ve had less bloating through the day.

Sabreena 23, London

5 stars

I have been taking Zenflore® for over a month now, and I have found that I am sleeping much better on a consistent basis. As a result, I feel like my concentration and productivity in work has really improved. On top of working full time I am also getting married in a couple of weeks, and I feel like I am coping well and not feeling too stressed considering how busy I am. Over-all, I would be really happy to keep taking Zenflore® – my experience has been really positive!

Ray 30, Cork

5 stars

I’ve been taking Zenflore® for almost 3 months now. It didn’t take stress away but I felt less under pressure and its had a very positive impact on me.I don’t suffer as much from the stress tension aches that used to plague me. My husband reminds me every day to take it now!

Kathleen 60+, Waterford