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5 stars

Use with confidence​

I've used a number of probiotics in the past but still had flares - so far with this one nothing so I shall continue to use them.​

09/09/2022 by DS​

5 stars Most Helpful Reviewer

Invest in Gut Health!

I read about these tablets a year or so ago and decided to try them out... ever since that day I've never missed taking one. They have made such a difference to my life. My partner also noticed the difference from me with less moaning and complaining ref issues with bloating and general feeling run down from poor gut health. He has now started taking them and also noticed the difference in his general health. Gut health impacts so much, worth investing in!​

02/10/2022 by Louisa​

5 stars

Using for years!​

I’ve been using this probiotic for 4+ years since I’ve suffered with IBS and I haven’t gone without it. It’s truly been life changing for me. And also helped to balance other bacteria related illnesses including UTIs that I used to suffer with regularly, which I haven’t had since taken this every morning.

07/09/2022 by Sophie

5 stars Top Reviewer

A must for IBS​

If you have IBS I’d recommend these, they have helped me manage my IBS for several years and I tend to have less flare ups when taking these.

11/11/2022 by Lee​

5 stars


Bought this on the advice of my gastroenterologist and i think it really does help my gut health. I love that i can now subscribe directly from Precision biotics and get a subscription discount.​

17/11/2022 by Yvonne​

Alflorex® Key Features

  • DAILY DIGESTION SUPPORT - contains calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes​
  • SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED BACTERIAL CULTURE – live friendly bacterial culture -35624® Bifidobacterium longum​
  • PROVEN – to reach the gut in peak condition​
  • EASY TO TAKE – no need for refrigeration​SUITABLE FOR - vegans​
  • FREE FROM - gluten, soya, diary, lactose, GMO​
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