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Single Strain or Multi-Strain Live Cultures: Which Are Best?

Single Strain or Multi-Strain Live Cultures: Which Are Best?
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Choosing a live bacterial culture can be a bit of a minefield. There is so much to consider: live bacterial culture tablets or drinks?

An all-round solution or a focused culture for stress, immunity or gut ?

And, of course, one of the biggest questions for those live culture first timers - should I choose a single strain or multi-strain bacterial product?

Live bacterial cultures: the basics

First off, it is probably a good idea to get down to the nitty-gritty of what live bacterial cultures actually are and what we mean when we talk about bacterial strains.

As strange as it may sound to some, our bodies play host to trillions of bacteria, and, in fact, many of these are absolutely vital for our health.

There are thought to be somewhere between 39 trillion and 300 trillion bacteria in the human body, with just as many bacteria as there are cells in each of them. The bulk of bacteria in humans resides in the gut, specifically the colon.

And because gut health is linked to immunity, mental health, and more, live bacterial cultures in supplements are chosen to help us achieve a whole-body balance.

Good bacteria for great health

There are a whole host of different bacteria types out there, from Lactobacillus to Bifidobacterium and Escherichia, plus the slightly more sinister sounding Streptococcus and Enterococcus.

Each genus is made up of many different species, with each species compromising a wide variety of strains.


In creating their live bacterial culture products, PrecisionBiotics is led by science all the way.

Their in-depth research has shown that targeted precision is best.

That is why PrecisionBiotics supplements each contains just one or two scientifically-researched single strains, sourced from humans, not animals, and not with any yoghurt starter cultures.

There is evidence that when mixed together, certain bacterial strains can lose their effectiveness In some cases, mixed strains may even compete, potentially neutralising each other effects.

With this in mind, PrecisionBiotics are focused on finding the very best bacterial strain, and always testing to ensure that where more than one strain is used, interactions will not occur that minimise the effects of one or other.

Which bacterial strains are in PrecisionBiotics products?

Unlike some other live culture supplements, PrecisionBiotics products contain only bacterial strains which naturally occur in the human gut.

Their portfolio of strains includes 35624®, 1714-Serenitas®, and PB-VIR, which all belong to the Bifidobacterium longum species. These types of bifidobacteria can be passed from mother to baby at birth.

Will choosing a single strain limit the health benefits of my culture?

While picking a multi-strain culture might seem like good sense, maximising your chances of hitting your health target, opting for a concentrated single strain is a powerful option when targeting a specific concern.

What are the health benefits of live bacterial cultures?

Whether you choose single or multi-strain live cultures, what is clear is that certain strains of bacteria can help to support good all-round health. This is due to the gut's connection with numerous bodily systems, not just digestion.

While many people do find that live bacterial cultures can help with the symptoms of digestive complaints, including irritable bowel syndrome, others choose them to support mental health, their immune system, and other general health concerns.

How do live bacterial cultures work?

Some people refer to the gut microbiome as the forgotten organ of the human body.

This is because the bacteria concentrated their work in much the same way as a bodily organ, performing vital health functions while protecting your system from the effects of 'bad' bacteria.

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