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5 stars

I have been struggling...

I have been struggling with Vitamin D deficiency and always have digestive issues and sleep deprive nights and I am really uncomfortable with the whole swallowing of tablets so this was amazing and so much easier to continue using it. This is super easy to take and I love the taste and its effects..

​05/07/2022 by SHARMA

5 stars

Really quite surprised ...​

Really quite surprised but this does help. I suffer from IBS which comes with abdominal bloating and cramps and a general nausea, worse in an evening or after eating certain things. Now I have been using this for a couple of weeks, I have found that my bloating isn't as bad and I don't feel ill every night so am hoping to continue reaping the rewards by continuing my use of it. Fingers crossed but definitely looking good.​

​28/06/2022 by Wright

5 stars

Very good ​

Very good - I felt the difference even after 2 weeks of using the product.

​04/07/2022 by Taimina​

5 stars

Energy increased.

This is really helped my energy throughout the day. Bought a 3 months supply previously, hoping for the best but not thinking it would work as well as it has. Won't stop buying them now.​

​19/10/2022 by Graeme​

5 stars

Easy to take

Easy to take as its one a day and it tastes good. Contains 200% of the vitamin D I need so ensures my body has the stuff it needs to fight pathogens. It also seemed to calm my digestive system too as it contains good bacteria.

​27/06/2022 by McCarthy​

Immune® Key Features

  • DAILY HIGH STRENGTH VITAMIN D for immune health support

  • UNIQUE BACTERIAL CULTURE live friendly bacterial culture – PB-VIR®
  • EASY TO TAKE no need for refrigeration
  • FOR ALL THE FAMILY adults and ages 3+
  • SUITABLE FOR vegans
  • FREE FROM gluten, soya, diary, lactose, GMO
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